• Chilean-based, US$ 30 million unique private equity fund specialized in the sectors related to the transformation of agricultural and aquacultural products (the “agri-food sector”), including mainly food processing, food additives, natural extract products, seeds, animal nutrition and healthcare
  • Fund’s objective is to sponsor partnerships between Chilean companies and innovative European SMEs (mainly French ones) of the agri-food sector, leveraging both regions’ extremely complementary features and capacities
    • Chile has abundant natural advantages and many high-quality agricultural raw resources
    • Europe, on the other hand, has developed world leadership in the agri-food sector
  • By helping European companies create food processing factories and related services, the Fund enables them to take profit from Chile’s natural resources and sound advantages, by entering new markets at higher efficiency rates
  • In the same time, Chile benefits from European companies’ know-how (technological processes) and know-who (commercial networks), adding value to local agricultural and aquacultural products and increasing complex processed food exports
  • Fund’s concept and principles were founded in its two main creators’, Hubert Porte and François Edant, extensive combined experience (+40 years) promoting economic links between France and Chile, which led them to the conviction that Ecus Agri-Food I would act as a catalyst that would further accelerate both agri-food industries’ integration
  • A team with bicultural background as well as a vast cumulative experience in the agri-food sector is fully dedicated to the Fund